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Looking for teaching jobs? Welcome to Teachers-Teachers.com, education's premier teacher recruitment service. Teachers-Teachers.com is designed to save instructors time and money as they search for great jobs in education. At Teachers-Teachers.com, schools with employment openings come to you.

By posting your resume online, you can make yourself instantly accessible to thousands of schools nationwide, and you'll also gain access to our large database of open teaching jobs. Schools across the United States are constantly hunting for new teachers, so if you need help finding the perfect job, Teachers-Teachers is here to offer assistance.

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If you're an instructor looking for open English, science or music teacher positions, log on and you'll receive a username and password. Our site posts a wide array of openings across all grade levels including special education teaching jobs. Our "resume builder" will lead you through the quick and simple process of creating an electronic resume that's specifically geared toward teacher placement. Your resume will be immediately posted online for schools across the country to view. If you're a physical therapy instructor searching for an open position, Teachers-Teachers will link you to schools that have available physical therapy jobs. If any school has an interest in you as a candidate, you will be notified via email. You will then be given the opportunity to email a cover letter and receive more information about the school and the position for which you are applying.
Our site never rests. Whether you're searching for available openings, or having a school view your credentials, your resume is always at work at Teachers-Teachers.com. Log in as often as you like, and be sure to keep your resume as up-to-date as possible. Updated resumes help schools find the most qualified candidates for their open teaching positions.

It's Free: Teachers-Teachers.com is a free online service for instructors looking for open teacher employment opportunities. When you use our site, you can avoid the costs of mailing and faxing resumes. You can also avoid the hassle of dealing with expensive teacher placement services or school placement services.
It's Easy: Why waste valuable time researching available teaching positions for teachers and mailing dozens of resumes? Within minutes, you can create and post your resume, and let the schools come to you.
It's Customized: Streamline your search of teaching jobs by specifying in which states you are willing to work, the desired subject area and grade level, and your preferred school setting. The notices you receive regarding teaching jobs will only match the criteria you have selected.
It's Effective: By posting your resume online, your profile will be instantly accessible to hundreds of interested schools. You'll also have immediate access to scores of open education jobs nationwide.
It's Convenient: Apply to schools any time - day or night. Edit and update your resume online. Browse open teaching jobs on your schedule.
It's Secure: Your information is protected via your username and password. Be confident you can prevent current employers from seeing your resume by blocking out their zip code.

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